Periodontal Surgical Instruments

Very precise and controlled guidance of the surgical instruments is essential in periodontal surgery, particularly when microsurgical procedures are performed. Therefore, surgical instruments should have rounded nonslip handles to allow secure rotation among the digits with the best fine motor control: the thumb, index finger and middle finger. This is essential to reduce small and precise coordinated movements. In addition, the instruments must be long enough (at least 18 cm) to be held securely in the thumb, index finger and middle finger in a pen grip. The handles should also be well balanced: Slight top-heaviness facilitates precision work.

Macro instrument set for periodontal surgery

As macrosurgical instruments must sometimes be used for microsurgical procedures in plastic-esthetic periodontal and implant surgery, a special macro instrument set was created. These instruments were designed with two goals in mind: to meet the specific requirements of periodontal surgery and to keep the number of instruments as small as possible. The interchangeable tips of the instruments are made of surgical steel to provide optimal hardness, and their handles are made of titanium to make them lightweight.

Micro instrument set for periodontal microsurgery

The instruments used in periodontal microsurgery are basically the same as those used in conventional periodontal surgery. Although they are finder and smaller, they must be sturdy enough to effectively handle the gingival tissues, which can be relatively tough. Stainless steel is the material of choice for microsurgical instruments because it provides a greater degree of hardness and flexibility. When purchasing instruments for periodontal microsurgery, the clinician should choose only needle holders and forceps with smooth jaws. Blood easily adheres to diamond-coated inserts or ridges, which can make it more difficult to grasp very fine sutures securely and can increase the risk of damaging or breaking the delicate suture threads used in microsurgery. Smooth carbide inserts have proved to be an excellent choice.

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